Leh Ladakh

Ladakh desert
Ladakh is the Indian northernmost territory with high passes and deep valleys. It is known for its large-scale deserts, vast steppes, and unique animal species including snow leopards, Bactrian camels, and yaks. The word “cold desert” came about because of its desert landscape features and it is a place where there are very little humidity...
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Leh Palace
Leh Palace which is located in the city of Leh is a former royal palace that overlooks the town of Leh. Constructed in the 17th Century, the palace’s base had been set down by the creator of the Namgyal Dynasty, Tsewang Namgyal. However, it had been Sengge Namgyal who finished its structure.The palace had been...
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Pangong Tso Lake The famous Pangong Tso Lake has been mesmerizing tourists for decades. This spectacular saline body of water might even make you forget about the beaches altogether. The color transition from azure to mild blue and green to grey can showcase some of Pangong Lake’s most fascinating qualities. The enchanting lake earns the most visual bonus points when reflecting the...
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