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About our business

We are a local travel agency of Leh Ladakh offering outdoor recreation activities and experiences for tourists visiting Ladakh. Our main office is in Leh Bazaar. Our team consists of a group of people from LADAKH who have actually lived in Ladakh and experts in providing all the tourist activities. We are a team of dedicated professionals, in pursuit to do whatever it takes to make your visit to Ladakh awesome and memorable.

Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers we offer all tourist activities, Taxi rentals, hotels, package tours, and more.

Partnered with hundreds of hotels and Taxi drivers, we offer the highest quality services at a very reasonable price.

At Ladakh-tourism.net, customer satisfaction is our top priority. And we’ve always taken our responsibility seriously.

About our blog

The places we write about in our blog posts are written by the people who actually know the area and have lived there. We want to provide the type of information that would help the locals and the travelers to find all the information about Ladakh they are looking for.

About our team

Sam K. Pandepa

Content Writer

Sam has been a travel enthusiast since childhood. After completing his MBA, he dedicated his life to pursue his passion for traveling and guiding tourists. He has been guiding tourists in Ladakh since 2012.

Hadi Puma

Hadi Amed


Hadi is a Chadar trek expert from Kargil. He is an adventure seeker and has been a Chadar trek leader since 2016. After completing his Mountaineering course, he dedicated his life to pursue his passion for trekking and guiding Chadar trekkers.

Our Office

Visit us at the below address during 9:00 am to 6:00pm.

Address : Main Bazaar, Leh Market, Leh, Ladakh 194101

Contact us anytime at:

Phone : +91-9469823116

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