Planning a thrilling trip to Leh Ladakh “the land of mountain passes” is highly enjoyable, yet demanding, because you need to consider all of the requirements of the trip. These requirements are to be undertaken to travel to the mountain areas since these kinds of trips are not usual. In this reference, people from India and other parts of the world undertake trips to Leh Ladakh. For this purpose, you need to know about things to carry for the Leh Ladakh trip.

This article on ‘things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip’ provides the required information, tips, and a comprehensive packing list to help you prepare for a trip to Leh Ladakh. We also added the things that you need to carry during the post-covid-19 pandemic as instructed by the world health organization.

Things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip

Make a checklist first for the most important things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip:

The first thing for the Leh Ladakh trip is that you need to develop your packing checklist. So, grab a pen and paper and start making the checklist now while reading this article. After developing the list, you have to check you have collected all the necessary belongings with you and then you should exclude anything that could be a burden. Also, make a quick checklist of things that you might forget at the last moment, like passport, tickets, IDs, documents, Mobile phone, charger, power bank, etc.

Items to carry to reduce the risk of getting infected by the Covid-19 virus.

  • Masks
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Disinfectant wipes/spray
  • Tissues / Napkins
  • Extra towels

You need to be very careful to protect yourself from the coronavirus. But this doesn’t mean you should act like paranoid suffering from Mysophobia. Enjoy your trip to Leh Ladakh to its fullest but be careful and make conscious decisions that would keep you and your mates safe.

Warm Clothes to carry on your Leh Ladakh trip:

Pack your regular clothes, as usual, however, you need to carry some warm clothes to endure the cold weather of Ladakh. Also, it is very important to know that: on the first day of your arrival you will not feel cold, but it is very important to wear warm clothes and stay warm.

Find below the detail list of warm clothes season wise:

Warm Clothes: For the months of May, June, July, August and September.

These are the best month to visit Ladakh with a moderate temperature ranging between 10°C to 25°C in Leh. But at some places like Changhtang, Pangong Tso and KhardungLa nights are very cold. So, you need to carry warm clothes with you as mentioned below:

  • A windbreaker jacket with a hood to resist the cold wind blowing in areas like Khardung La pass and Pangong Tso.
  • 2 pairs of thermals, both upper and lower.
  • Sports shoes
  • 3-4 pairs of warm socks (woollen not necessary during these months)

Warm Clothes: For the months of April, October and November.

Things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip

The month of April is the end of the winter season and the month of October is the end of the summer season. But don’t expect the usual Indian spring/autumn season which is mild and pleasant. It would be ice cold during nights with temperature dropping below freezing point at some places. So, it is very important to carry warm clothes as instructed below:

  • A winter jacket
  • 3-4 pairs of thermals (both upper and lower).
  • 2 sweaters/sweatshirts
  • Sports shoes
  • 3-4 pairs of warm socks / woollen socks
  • 2 winter monkey cap
  • 2 pair of warm hand gloves

Warm Clothes: For the months of December, January, February, March.

These are the coldest months of the year. The temperature stays below the freezing point because of the snowfall and the surface of lakes and rivers freezes. At some point, the temperature drops below -15°C. So, you need to carry a lot of heavy woolen clothes during these months.

  • Inner thermals 5-6 pairs. Wear two layers at a time inside the sweater.
  • 2 heavy winter jackets/feather jackets.
  • 4 heavy sweaters to wear inside the jacket.
  • Winter shoes
  • 3-4 pairs of heavy woolen socks
  • 2 heavy woolen monkey cap
  • 2 pair of woolen hand gloves

Sun protection clothing, sunglasses and cream:

For the months of May, June, July, August and September.

  • A hat or cap: you must be wearing a hat or cap during your trip to Leh Ladakh. This is because the UV rays in these areas are of higher intensity. Without the hat or cap, you will really be troubled by the sharp and warm sunlight.
  • Secondly, sunscreen is another important item because, as we already mentioned, the intensity of sunlight is very high. Moving in the valley without sunscreen may be highly challenging and create several problems for you.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight and from the reflections from snow
  • Carrying a stole can also be important during a Leh Ladakh trip because a stole can be helpful for you to protect yourself from the dust.

Don’t forget the toiletries among other things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip

An important thing for you to include in your checklist is your collection of toiletries, which you must have during your Leh Ladakh Trip. These toiletries items are usually available in luxury hotels. But for budget hotels and guest houses you need to carry these items:

  • Checking your baggage that your comb should be all-time ready with you.
  • Please check your toothpaste and toothbrush before leaving for Ladakh.
  • Shampoo, Face wash, soap, and toilet paper should continuously be within your quick access during the travel.
  • Keep a small towel at the top of your belongings in the backpack.
  • Don’t put your towel very deep inside your luggage.

Did you consider what eatables should be in your bag and also the water intake?

Yes, you must; just any eatables will not help you overcome the energy-related challenges of the trip. You must keep in mind that undertaking the Leh Ladakh trip requires you to consume a huge amount of energy. For that very reason, you need to be exceptionally careful that your energy level is up to the required mark. You must be energetic to carry out the most hectic activities on the trip.

This assurance can be through careful measures by collecting required eatables with you for the trip. During your trip, it is important to keep in mind that some people suffer from high altitude sickness (AMS) during these adventures, the comprehensive list mentioned below would also help you to overcome the high-altitude sickness. But if the symptoms are severe, please consult a doctor.

  • Keep a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated, especially on the first day of your trip for acclimatization. Due to the pleasant weather in Leh Ladakh, people think that keeping water with them and maintaining the water intake might not require. However, it is important to understand that bottles of mineral water are highly necessary for you to keep during your journey.
  • You must ensure that you are maintaining regular and sufficient water fluid. Regular fluid intake will make sure that you are hydrated throughout the journey, and are able to keep yourself energetic during the Leh Ladakh trip. But avoid excessive drinking of water/fluid, it might harm your body by reducing the sodium levels. Only a liter of mineral bottled water is good enough to keep you hydrated for a whole day.
  • You should also keep some packets of glucose to drink with water that would prevent any chances of energy loss. it will really help to cure severe levels of mountain sickness, while at the same time it will also control your appetite to cut one of the possible reasons behind mountain sickness.
  • You must carry a sufficient amount of dry fruits to keep you warm and energetic. Dry fruits are also available in Leh Market. Or if you are traveling from the Srinagar-Leh highway, you will find plenty of good quality and fresh dry fruits in Srinagar.
  • You should also keep energy biscuits with you to overcome the gap of energy.
  • Carrying some chocolates is also a good choice for you during the trip.

Please note that on the first day of your arrival you would not feel hungry or thirsty (like you won’t feel cold), but it’s very important to eat and drink properly to help your body acclimatize faster.

What medicine should you take with you during your journey?

First aid kit: Carry a first aid kit that would come in handy during the trip. The journey is not very hard but involves a long duration spend traveling on mountain passes. It is really so stressful for you and your body to cope up with various challenges and keep yourself safe from any kind of health concerns.

You must consider keeping all the basic medication that should keep you safe from potential common medical issues. For instance, you must have remedial medicine for headache, stomach issues, cold & fever, and any other medication that you think you might need for yourself. Carrying the basic pack of medicines is highly important to make your trip a success without any abnormality or complication.

Acute Mountain Sickness: Diamox is the recommended medicine by local physicians for acute mountain sickness and it is easily available anywhere in Leh Ladakh. You can carry a medicine recommended by your doctor from your hometown, or you can also buy Diamox from a chemist in Leh market.

Oxygen cylinders:

You would need oxygen cylinder incase you suffer from severe acute mountain sickness in Ladakh.

Don’t carry oxygen cans from your home town, it’s a fire accelerant and the airlines would not allow it. Small oxygen cans are easily available at local chemists in Leh Ladakh. So, buy small oxygen cans in Leh market and carry them with you wherever you travel in Ladakh.

Big Oxygen cylinders: If you are traveling to places like Changthang, Pangong Tso, Khardungla which is at an elevation of above 18k feet high, you should rent an oxygen cylinder from Leh. Don’t rely on small cans for these places.

Did you make the list of devices?

Camera: To plan the Leh Ladakh trip you need to have all the necessary devices with you. If you like taking pictures of great sceneries, then the most important device is your camera which should be perfectly ready. And also make sure you carry the charger of your camera among other things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip. Keep the car charger with you if you are going to travel through your own car.

Mobile phone and the charger: Mobile phone is now a part of our lives, so, obviously you won’t forget it. But still, write it in your checklist to check before leaving.

Power bank: Keep your power bank ready with the other things to carry for Leh Ladakh trip; it will keep your phone ready if you have to use it frequently during traveling.

Interesting and important tips for your journey

  • As of now, postpaid SIMs of BSNL, Airtel, and Jio is functional in Ladakh for roaming service. The signal for BSNL is better than Airtel and Jio.
  • Internet speed is good in the main Leh area, but in remote areas the signals would be very weak or no signal at all. We highly recommend subscribing to a BSNL post-paid SIM and carry it while visiting Ladakh.
  • The batteries of your phone can be consumed at a very rapid pace in the colder regions. So, make sure that your phone is not out of power in Leh Ladakh. Always keep your power bank with you to prevent your phone getting out of battery.
  • Keep all your memories through camera but be careful about the power of your device just as you do with your own power and energy.
  • Leh Ladakh is the coldest and dry region of India; do not forget to take your cold cream, lip balm and oil with you.
  • You can get non-reliable quality of fuel at remote places of Ladakh. So, carry some extra fuel before travelling to these places and be prepared to handle this matter.

What should you carry for a Leh Ladakh bike trip?

You need to carry all the items mentioned above; in addition to it, the packing list for a bike trip is as below:

  • Windshield
  • Driving License
  • Insurance
  • Helmet
  • Mobile holder for bike
  • Saddlebag
  • Waterproof bags
  • Riding shoes
  • Gumboots
  • Gloves
  • Motorcycle Windbreaker Jacket
  • Riding Shoes
  • Riding Clothes
  • Custom earplugs
  • Bungee cord
  • Headlamp
  • Duct tape

What should you carry for a Leh Ladakh car trip?

Several people want to visit using their own vehicle. There is no doubt that this is an enjoyable plan, but before that you must be aware of the steps to be taken before leaving at your own drive.

Leh Ladakh

 Packing List for Leh Ladakh car trip

You need to carry all the items mentioned above, in addition to it, the packing list for a car trip is as below:

  • On your way to Leh Ladakh, you would be driving on a few rough and rocky terrain, so a higher ground clearance car is recommended.
  • Car disinfectants spray
  • Car documents.
  • Visit a garage for a car audit.
  • A phone holder on the car dashboard.
  • Windscreen covers.
  • Neck sleeping pillow for travel.
  • Music speaker.
  • Hiking boots/shoes.
  • Wheel wedges to balance RVs and campers.
  • Spare tire
  • Puncture toolbox
  • Extra fuel to use only in case of emergency

Things to carry in your car for camping on the way to Leh Ladakh.

  • Small tents as per the size of the group.
  • Sleeping bags/blankets
  • Emergency lights.
  • Stove for cooking + lighter.
  • Cooking set.
  • Collapsible box if you need to take dirty dishes to the campsite cleaning station.
  • Foldable or inflatable chairs for camping.
  • Detergent and dishwasher soaps.
  • Hooks, rails, carabiner, a bungee cord with hooks, masking tape.

Other things you should consider for a comfortable journey?

During the journey, you might have battery issues as well. Please keep in mind that Ladakh is the coldest area, and your vehicle may experience severe battery issues. Learn to fix those problems since you might have to manage them yourself multiple times.

You may be stuck in mud slash or water during crossing small streams on the way to Leh Ladakh. For that purpose carry a strong rope with a capacity of up to 4-6 tons and other necessary arrangements to bring your vehicle out of such condition. Keep a shovel, a long iron rod, and a small hammer in case of emergency. Keep a tarpaulin with you during the Leh Ladakh trip for carrier and engine.     

What to carry with you to resolve the challenge if you go out of fuel?

These are highly important questions for you while going on a road trip to Leh Ladakh, for which you should know the solution.

First of all as listed above, you should have spare arrangement of fuel to come in handy during emergency.

You can take some necessary measures before-hand if you have planned in advance.

  • Keep a pipe around 10 feet long to put fuel into the vehicle or shift from one vehicle to another if your vehicle is out of gas.
  • Keep a Funnel in your car to transfer fuel from the Jerry cans or bottles if you need it in an emergency.
  • Also, a few of the local stores on the way to Leh Ladakh sell petrol/diesel. However, it is definitely not recommended to buy petrol or diesel from these local stores, as they are usually adulterated. But if it’s very emergency and you have no choice but to buy the impure fuel. You should use a thin piece of cloth to filter the fuel.

Going on a Leh Ladakh trip will not be similar to going to any urban area or city. Due to the harsh weather and difficult terrain, you will also face difficulties regarding the unavailability of different services and facilities. But, If you follow the above lists your journey to Leh Ladakh would be comfortable without any problem. And there is very little chance that you will face any issue that you are unprepared for. So, you should keep all the possible problems in mind and carry the above-mentioned items with you to prevent any kind of unfavorable situation. And as they say “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Things to carry during trekking on your Leh Ladakh trip:

In addition to the items mentioned above you should carry these items on a trek in Leh Ladakh.

  • Trekking shoes
  • Walking pole
  • Backpack with Raincover
  • Head torch
  • Windshield jacket and trousers

This is a comprehensive list of things to carry for the Leh Ladakh Trip. The list includes all the items required to avoid any problem. It includes the wearables you should carry to ensure you are warm enough during the cold climates of Leh Ladakh; necessary items to make your car trip hassle-free and supplies to help you have the best experience possible. If you have questions about this packing list or have any other questions about Ladakh trip, please contact us now! We are a dedicated team of experts from Ladakh, in pursuit to make your Ladakh trip wonderfully unforgettable.