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SNow leopard in hemis national park

Hemis National Park

The Hemis High Altitude National Park is located in Eastern Ladakh. The park is spread over 4400 sq. km and is famous for harboring the highest population of snow leopards globally. The park houses a variety of flora and fauna, including the endangered species of animals and birds. The Hemis National Park is situated in...
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Zorawar fort museum

Zorawar Fort Leh

General Zorawar Singh Fort, or simply Zorawar Fort Leh as it is popularly known, is situated on the Skara Road, Leh, in Ladakh. It is a prominent attraction of Ladakh built by Zorawar Singh in 1836 during Maharaja Gulab Singh’s era. General Zorawar Singh constructed this fort as a military post for the Dogra soldiers...
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Kargil war memorial

Kargil War Memorial – Drass, Ladakh

The Kargil War memorial was built in 2000 by the Indian Army in the town of Dras, commemorating the historic success of Operation Vijay in the year 1999, when the Kargil War was fought between India and Pakistan. It was later renovated in 2014. It is located on the Srinagar-Leh National Highway, about 5 km...
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Ladakh desert

Ladakh – The Cold desert Landscape

Ladakh is the Indian northernmost territory with high passes and deep valleys. It is known for its large-scale deserts, vast steppes, and unique animal species including snow leopards, Bactrian camels, and yaks. The word “cold desert” came about because of its desert landscape features and it is a place where there are very little humidity...
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Hall of Fame leh - statue of buddha

Hall of Fame Leh

The Hall of fame Leh is a museum built to commemorate gallant soldiers who sacrificed their lives to defend their motherland in the Indo-Pak wars. It was created to serve as a repository of information about the history of the Kargil war, a living memorial to veterans, and an educational resource for those wishing to learn...
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Changthang – Changpa Tribe and The Wildlife Sanctuary

Changtang Changthang, basically meaning Northern Plateau in Tibetan, is a high height level in western and northern Tibet reaching out into South Eastern Ladakh, with huge high countries and monster lakes. From Eastern, Ladakh Changthang extends around 1600 km east into Tibet, to the extent the territory of Qinghai. Every last bit of it is...
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